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May 2, 2012


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Design Trades, please?

Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2012, 9:24 PM

So, at the end of last month I adopted a stock horse, Lola, who is stunning and I have been working on a training image for so I can enter her in the HARPG-URAssociation's February stock horse race. Then I got to the jockey, and realized 'Oops, I don't have a stock horse jockey!' There's Flight, but he's still working on the DCS-RehabChallenge and I don't want to overwork him ^^; So, I set about making myself a new jockey and I haven't had any luck so far.

So, here's the deal-I'm going to open design trades until the end of the month or until I feel overwhelmed, whichever one comes first. You can design me anything on the list below, and I will design you (almost) anything (within reason). Starred items are needed most.

Things I need:
-Stock horse jockeys: Up to three :star:
-Thoroughbred jockeys: Up to four
-Racehorse trainers: 1 Stock, 1 TB :star:
-Western Riders: 2 Max
-Driver- 1 Draft, 1 Pony
-Birds of Prey
-Shetland Pony, UK type, Mare
-Other trainers (Because Mikael is my only real trainer oops): No set amount
-Student Riders (For story purposes mainly): No set amount
-Really anything that isn't a horse honestly I'm open
-If you are doing a person they can have a horse if there's a good story for it, or a dog, a cat, or other pet.

These guys can have powers or be supernatural, I'm fine with mostly anything. I can't say I'm a fan of anthros or furries, though, I'm not even all that fond of people with cat ears and tails- I've accidentally come across too much furry porn for me to enjoy the ears and tails anymore. I currently have a werewolf and two fae, so I'm a bit lacking in the supernatural department ;P

What do you have to do? Just design! You can draw a picture, screenshot something from The Sims, write a (detailed, please) description, or anything else within reason! You can give them names, personalities, likes, dislikes, background stories, tattoos, piercings, and whatver you would like! Just know that I will put in the same amount of effort you do- you make a Sim for me, I'll make a Sim for you, etc. OR if you do me something and there is a foal or something you need to do but don't want to design, I can do that, just give me the possible genotypes, if natural.

I'm not sure that anyone would be doing this, but you can take up to three slots maximum, so maybe you could do a family (Parents trainer/rider, their offspring is a student), a couple, BFFs, or anything you can come up with!

Current Trades:
HellfireSaphira is recieving an Anatolian Shepherd (Natural patterns with unnatural colors) in exchange for a dog design.

I'm back! Maybe. Seems like everyone and their sisters are taking a little hiatus, expected or otherwise. I got over that stomach bug just in time to get hit with another! Then I bought the Sims 3 Plus Pets and I have just been playing that on my computer rather than having my internet browsers open. It was nice to take a break, I must admit, and it was not so nice to come back to my inbox, and I nearly just crossed out of the tab and ignored it (too many demands and such- gone for a week and people are wanting to know when I'm going to do this that and that other thing) but Forget-Me-Not-Fields is such a sweetheart and an amazing person and is really the only reason I went through my inbox. Over a thousand messages are now down to 266 plus a note!

I did browse through my messages on my phone, but anyone who has been on the mobile version knows what a pain that is, though it did allow me to welcome two new three year old racers to my racing stable! I'll be speed painting tonight to get my four three year olds in the URA's January monthly, :devballencliffe:'s snow race (go check that out!) and put in an entry for WoozleT's stock mare racer, Lola! After that I've got the last two breeding spots with The-Breezeway-Barn's Mahz, her gorgeous Ayrintili, who will be breeding with Yesterday's Tommorow Evening and Luck of the Draw, who will be getting her new ref. I bought another Capo puppy (I know, I know, I need to calm down with that, but to be fair this one is my dream puppy) last week, a feathered blue splash with a large skull marking and green eyes! My sister has demanded that it be a he, though I can't think of a name.
Skull x Mrs.Lovett Closed by BrotherhoodKennels
He's the second one, if you want to help with the name :P

-----------------------------------Old things below------------------------------------------------------------
I've been sick this past week with some stomach bug, which sucks.
I thought I was getting better yesterday and went to go get my books, then I got home and just crashed.
I've been playing Skyrim a lot lately to take my mind off of things. I started a new game and am all the way at level 20, the Arch Mage of the Winterhold college, put together the Forbidden Legend amulet, and a lot of other things. My first game I was a Wood Elf, wore heavy armor, two handed weapon, lots of archery, and some conjuration. This time I'm a High Elf all about destruction magic and restoration, with one handed weapons, and light armor. It's rather fun to play it o differently.
I start classes on Monday. I don't go on Fridays (yay!), but my schedule is kind of a mess.
I'm going to renew my permit later on this week and hopefully get my license by the end of the month. My grandmother's got a spare car she's going to loan us so I can start driving myself once it starts working, which will be nice. (And before you ask, the public transportation really suck. The closest bus stop to my house is ten minutes by car at 40-45mph, so that really isn't an option.)
Hopefully I'll kick this illness soon and regain my motivation to draw.

OH! I got an unlimited texting plan on my new phone but I don't have anyone to text. Fun. But it does also have unlimited data, so I can browse tumblr. DeviantArt is a right pain, and the app won't even let me check my messages. Rude.

-------Stuff below should probably be ignored and is old---------
I basically had this huge rant calling out a lot of people for hypocrisy, but while I was making picture examples DA decided to delete everything.
Recap: _ARPG IS BETTER THAN _ARPG. Usually DARPG trashing HAPRG for being stuck up bitches who are obsessive while they themselves bitch at anyone who dares look at their dogs in a way that could be interpreted as wrong, slaving over getting titles, giving people menial amounts of points for high quality art to further their title achievements. STOP

IT IS EASY TO GET POINTS. Amazing artists as well as shit artists do not get commissions. Shit artists as well as amazing artists get commissions. You could use your own money to buy points, especially if it means not eating for a week or missing a rent payment. NOT EVERYONE HAS POINTS

HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT ME SELLING MY DESIGNS FOR POINTS. YOU MADE ME DO A DRAW TO ADOPT AND NO ONE DREW AND AREN'T I A PIECE OF SHIT FOR TRYING TO CATER TO THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT MY ART. Most often when I see this, the point designs are phenominal and the draw designs are nothing special, usually a few spot appaloosa or a straight up bay compared to lacy, colorful, complex design. THAT IS NOT FAIR AND YOU KNOW IT SO SHUT YOU FUCKING MOUTHS.
Blue Designs by RoseThornStables
Design to the left is sold for points. Good presentation, special additions, obvious effort.
Design to the right is draw to adopt. Bad presentation, obviously minimum effort.


People who are all MY PUREBREEDS ARE BETTER THAN UR STINKY CROSSES and vice versa NEED TO FUCKING FUCK OFF. Especially if you are one of the "Don't blame the breed, blame the deed!" or "Don;t blame the breed, blame the owner!" You know what that is? That is fucking stereotyping. STOP. Both have problems, health or personality wise.

CLOSE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU IGNORANT UNCULTURED SWINE. I used to think this? You know why? When I was little my dog got spayed and she suffered health complications her entire life due to it, and I read a book where the operation actually killed the author's dog (nonfiction, btw), so having those two stories I concluded it was bad. Then I grew up and I realized it wasn't the operation, it was a sucky vet who needs to get sacked and never go anywhere in life due to the misery that they spread. There are more dogs and cats than there are homes and animals suffer for it. Thousands of healthy animals are put down daily because people are too much of a fucking idiot to take care of their pets. You can even get the operation free if you go to a rescue, or at the very least a discount.

This is the condensed version, containing half the points. I'll leave you to imagine what else was said. There was also a lot more cussing.

But DA ARPG community- I am sick and fucking tired of al of your bullshit. A lot of you need a swift slap to the face.

Due to the way people have started acting about their created breeds I don't think I am going to bring in any more horses or dogs from a user-created breed. That kind of makes me sad since here are a lot of really awesome breeds out there, but after the Nordanners all the owners are power hungry or something. I will promise you this, as a breed owner: none of my breeds will ever have any activity requirements, ever. (The only exception being when I make you a design as an import or something, then (unless otherwise stated) you have an entire year to draw the design). I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with Början, but I do know I will never be getting any more Disturbed Nightmares. I will also never be a part of a breed with an activity requirement from this point forward.

---Everything below is OLD---
I have seriously been considering selling or killing Början, my Disturbed Nightmare. I woulld keep Vegas, the mare NewAgeStables and I adopted from The-Halfway-House as she is both co-owned and plays an important role in the Forest's storyline. If this decision is unable to stand then we have agreed to change her breed to something else. I get that some people abuse the breed but all these two rules do not make them fun to own. I hate activity requirements. It forces me to draw the damn thing and that sucks out all the fun. Back to my mare Början now. She can shapeshift and transport living things into a dream realm, and that includes her would-be trainers, as many the staff have found out. Unless she gets a stupid uncharacteristic change of heart and suddenly starts loving being saddles and being around the hundreds of people at shows she is not going to be shown. Even if that were to happen, most of the trainers have lost all hope of training her. If you were going to train a horse- scratch that, just try to get a saddle near said horse- and suddenly there was a saber toothed tiger in the stall and then you were suddenly no longer standing in a stable but rather in a dark forest with moving trees surrounded by rabid wolves would you want to go through that day after day with no improvement? She'd have to either have a new trainer brought in or be taken to another stable to get the training. Anyone who has watched me for any length of time know that I go through phases. On my previous account I had quite a few stock horses- AQHA, paints, appaloosas- then I made this account and was suddenly drawing a million Hackneys and went into gaited breeds from there. Then I jumped from that to drafts. Drafts to ponies. Then exclusively glowing equines, then just dog after dog to Saluki after Saluki. To someone just glancing into my gallery it may look like I'm a hoarder, but a lot of these horses I've had for three years spread across three accounts, so I'm not new and quickly building numbers. I'm just still in the process of getting everyone new refs on the new template. I've got problems focusing on one specific thing for long, so I've got a lot of different types of things here to keep me occupied, and unless college is acting as an artcockblocker, and thanks to that I don't often get bored and get an artblock. I've got a process and it works for me. I get that some people turn their nose up in the air at my method but I couldn't give a fuck if I tried. It's when things like this happen that I lose desire to b a part of these virtual kennels and stables. It's that reason I don't deal with those Nordanners- as someone so eloquently put it "the nordie crap...that's like slavery in ownership." I don't know how people are able to that, and I have no interest in being forced to do things. In my real life there are so many things I have no control over and I hate it- this place is my  escape, I do not come here to be controlled by someone who I don't even know.
I'm in no way complaining about the amount limit- ten is excessive. It's just the activity things. I like to put time and effort into my images and especially take time on my stories. I've got a few storylines and images in stash waiting for their stories. I do commissions- I've got a job creating ads for a real estate team- and while that is forced I get something in return. This is where I wind down, this is where I do what I want. I don't care that much about breeding so I guess it isn't that big of a deal, but when I joined I thought this was an awesome breed and had fun creating the powers for my first DN (though her design was uninspired, which is why she was sold after I got a foal from her) and loved the design of Början as well as her powers. I did have some plans for her for stories taking place around the stables, but I planned on doing those on my time when I had some down time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also, once I finally get all these refs done I can get to work on stories and possibly more showing. That's something I'm looking forward to. StillRaging and I have decided to get our Obertaurers to premium status.

I do have a picture of her that I've been doodling, but I've got so many other things planned...
RT Borjan -Adult Ref- by RoseThornStables
-----------Everyting below this divider is OLD-----------------
want to apologize for the decrease in my typing skills recently, namely the missing letters that happen every so often. I got a silicone keyboard cover for my Macbook and I'm still adjusting to it ^^;

-----------Everything below this divider is  OLDER---------------
I know most of you are probably tired of these, so I apologize beforehand ^^;

So, I will start this out with a story! I was watching Weeds and my dog, Eli, was outside and started barking. She's got a few different barks and usually there's nothing to worry about, but this was her serious one, and when I opened the door she was doing her demon-growl. She had something cornered up under the table on the porch, so I went out, didn't see anything, so went back in to get a flashlight. When I came back out I heard something coming from inside one of the wicker chairs that are around the table. I thought it was some beetle, maybe a cicada (there's a little pond right by the porch and we live on the edge of some woods), so I throw the chair over on it's side, not wanting to stick my head under the chair with the unknown insect, and what do I see? Not the beetle I thought would fly out, but our resident 6 foot long black rat snake, Dooby Dooby Bop Bop, glaring at us and rattling his tail. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this snake, they can move super-fast and are pissy as hell, and I let him inside out house on accident two years ago and he's haunted the area of the yard around the door ever since. I am embarrased to admit I hopped a little, then grabbed Eli by her collar and charged for the door where my mom had appeared after hearing the chair hit the ground to see what was going on, and I nearly mowed her down. She finally processed what she was looking at quickly oozing out of the chair and we fought to get in without letting any of our other dogs out.
If you want to read about thee time I let him in, you can read about it here:
And if you want to see him, here's a tumblr post I made complete with pictures:…
Here's another black rat snake:
Black Rat Snake by BlackRoomPhoto

I am very close to wanting to duck out of here again, as much for personal real life issues as in-game this time. I feel like maybe I should write a few things out, but I don't want anyone in particular to feel targeted because some of the things that bother me could be applied to so many of these groups popping up.

I'm not even going to bother typing up that real life issue I've got- I talked to my mom about it earlier today and got really worked up and it's just not worth going through again.

------------Everything below this divider is OLD-----
This account has been a bit unactive, and I apologize if you're waiting on something. I've been playing Skyrim.
A lot.
I finished the other game I got for my birthday really quickly, but anyone who knows anything about Skyrim knows that it is not a game to go through quickly.
When I remember what Photoshop is, I've gotten two Rifle Dog puppies I can't wait to draw! They're both blue roans, one male, one female. The male is going to be Shredder, show name as of yet to be decided, and the female is going to be Sidewinder, call name Windy. These will be the first puppies I've gotten from a breeding I asked for :excited:

My last final is on my birthday next Tuesday, May the 8th, so after that I'll be tackling my to do list (Christmas designs for people, contest prizes, adoption apps, foal designs, Solace Academy apps, etc.) but until then I may continue to be a bit sparse. I've got what is probably going to add up to 8 essays between two finals, both History, so on top of everything else I get to try and not mix up the dates for the classes, and considering my skills with numbers.... :X Today was my last day of normal classes and I got out French final video done just in time ;P It's pretty awesome. I was going to put it on YouTube, but after 3hrs it was only at 17% so I gave up.

Either my allergies are acting up or I'm coming down with something, which is just great. That's exactly what I need- finals, my father home, and being sick. Speaking of, it looks like he's going to be having a 2 week vacation rather than just one week and I don't know how I'm going to be able to deal with that.

I got one of my two American Alsatian's refs up! I haven't decided on the color for the female, but I was considering a black sable, though cream might be awesome as well... Opinions?

Features Shameless Self Promotion

.:Illumination Domination:. by Renholder48.:The Scenery:. by Renholder48.:Derpy Pearl:. by Renholder48.:Gamble The Black Pearl Bid:. by Renholder48Christer Holder by Renholder48Ren Waters by Renholder48

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ok well i really love designing human characters so im gonna design you some anyways, call it a gift or whatever cause you don't need to do anything for me in return :3
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And I am going to make that breeding picture with Mahz super duper awesome as a thank-you! Or finally upload one of those sketches of Dolly I said I was going to show you. I really really love drawing her hair :XD:
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they're here. you can ignore the "reserves"; if you draw your payment pictures before they do, you get the horse. :3 but i'm also frustrated by people putting shit effort into their payment pictures :I so yeah. that's why i'm not doing a public sale, just letting my friends buy the horses if they want to. n_n
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